Song: Blue Sky Nervous Breakdown

Turned on amp…hit record. No editing. Some dissonant moments, almost bordering on harsh, but I didn’t want to suppress anything, or judge what I was playing while playing.

Wanted to see what would happen without any planning, practicing or thinking.

The crunch was proudly produced by my little Fulltone OCD pedal. The healthy dose of reverb was from the amp (not digital reverb). I’m sure I broke some recording rules…

Nacho del Sol

I'm Nigel. A wandering minstrel at heart. Playing for other wandering souls. Love full sun. Been known to indulge in sonic experiments. If I ever fake my own death, I will flee to Costa Rica and re-name myself Nacho del Sol. I will travel only by donkey and befriend all the locals.

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theresia - June 22, 2012 Reply

nacho,nice to hear some new musical ideas.sounds a little like some of andy timmons quieter stuff.some more technical comments to follow soon.theresia and carl,abraso grande

Nacho del Sol - June 24, 2012 Reply

Thanks for checking out the tunes…Abrazos grandes a vosotros tambien!

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