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Allow Music to Move You Physically – Part 2 (Silence the Inner Critic)

In this next instalment, we continue to examine how to create an “allowing” of physical movement and relaxation in our body to help us deepen in creativity.

Silence the inner critic

Man Jumping Over From Cliff to Cliff

Limitless Possibility

The inner critic is bullshit and you don’t need it. Plus, it’s not even real. The premises that it’s based on are also not real.

I thought we’d start this off with a bit of a bang because…well…this one just really bugs me. Probably because I’m too familiar with it. The critic tries to mess with me sometimes.

The inner critic comes out in people all too often. I would love to see its demise, and start to see us experience freedom from self-criticism and begin to really flourish.

Everyone wins when people shine, when people feel fulfilled. This is what changes the world. Inner revolution trumps outer revolution every time.

People sometimes want you to believe the inner critic. Our negative inside voice may have formed by putting too much stock in the (transient and whimsical) opinions of people we know and people we don’t know. Fearing potential criticism is a huge issue for many of us.

The viewpoint that causes our fear is: I MUST have only positive feedback from people. I do NOT want any negative feedback. If I get positive feedback, I feel good. If I get negative feedback, I experience pain.

Not so realistic to have everyone always giving you positive feedback.

What sustains the inner critic? We do. Who chooses to believe the inner (and outer critic)? We do.

We choose to take on certain beliefs, we place too much of our self-worth in external validation.

How to Muzzle the Fanged Critic?

Cultivate compassion and train our minds to re-discover our inherent natural positivity.

Our personalities, viewpoints and thoughts are not permanently set in cement. They are very much fluid and can be forged into what we want, like a malleable metal.

Let’s aim for shutting down our inner critics, and focus on constant improvement, continual learning and honoring any gifts we might have, no matter how small they may seem.

This is putting a compassionate and positive focus into action.

Create.        Free from all criticism and negativity.       Moving naturally and unhindered.           Connected. Intimately with your music. Infusing.       Color.       Into the world.

With your sonic paintbrushes.           The grey disappears.

Song: 5 Minutes to Take-off

Click here to play the song if you are reading this post in email or RSS and can’t see the audio player above.

I laid down a simple two-chord backing track, but varied the picking style to add some flavour. Next came an improvised melody to spice things up. Both are served crunchy, with a garnish of sonic ice. Pinot Noir optional.

Nacho del Sol

I'm Nigel. A wandering minstrel at heart. Playing for other wandering souls. Love full sun. Been known to indulge in sonic experiments. If I ever fake my own death, I will flee to Costa Rica and re-name myself Nacho del Sol. I will travel only by donkey and befriend all the locals.

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