Allow Music to Move You – Part 4 (Make Time for Exercise)

Old Sheet MusicRumours about my death have been greatly exaggerated. I assure you that I’m still aOld Sheet Musiclive, and of course, I am still planning on faking my own death, changing my name to Nacho del Sol and fleeing to Costa Rica. In the meantime, I suppose Spain will have to do.

I recorded a new tune awhile ago and finally got around to editing it. I think it sounds…well…pretty.

Recorded with a Godin Solidac guitar on a big ol’ Hughes & Kettner amp.


And now for the final article on how to encourage creativity in music through movement. It only took me over a year to finally write this. Was busy with many, many other projects and misadventures.

Make time for exercise. 

Exercise diminishes tension, and allows us to get into our natural state: movement.

Start with even just short periods of whatever form of exercise will be the easiest and most enjoyable for you to keep up. Allocate time for it. Your other activities can get scheduled around your exercise period.

If you’re feeling very resistant to exercise, at the very least, a short stretching routine will help keep you more relaxed. The trick is to prioritize exercise, make it important. You’ll still manage to get the things done that you really need to.

When we really take care of our health by eating well and doing some light, regular exercise, it boosts our creativity, no matter what field we’re in.

What is one simple exercise habit you could start doing? Let me know in the comments below.

Oh, my exercise habit in case you’re wondering…I usually run 4-5 times a week, with stretching, plus 4 sets of pushups and situps. Sounds difficult but it’s not. I run at the exact pace I need to – not too hard, not too slow. I use it to de-stress, space out and meditate. If I can’t run (because of an injury), I’ll at least walk.

Nacho del Sol

I'm Nigel. A wandering minstrel at heart. Playing for other wandering souls. Love full sun. Been known to indulge in sonic experiments. If I ever fake my own death, I will flee to Costa Rica and re-name myself Nacho del Sol. I will travel only by donkey and befriend all the locals.

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